I. Benefits of social selling

What is in it for me? for the business?


We have over 5 years experience specifically in building the capabilities in social selling for professionals and businesses. In today's 'low touch' environment (driven by the pandemic) and the increased use of social media, requires  that professionals have relevant skills in social selling. 

  1. Develop and reinforce your credibility (and those of your team) as you use professional social media such as LinkedIn

  2. Leverage professional social media and social selling to get new contacts  and source of sales leads

  3. Better engage via social media and gain/keep your visibility 

  4. Ensure deliver value in your interactions and reinforce your differentiation

II. Pragmatic training & coaching

4 steps to build capabilities


From our experience, we have adapted the format of our training and coaching so that it builds your capabilities and you have time to apply what you learn on social selling

Our program covers:

  • Four training sessions covering each step of social selling best practices (each last 2 hours, no more !)
  • Time between each step for you or your team to put this in practice - typically 2-3 weeks between training session
  • One on one coaching of each participant between training sessions - this helps to apply and fits with the different levels within your team
steps social selling

III. Contact us to discuss / get a quote

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