Virtual Selling - Create Impact in a Low Touch Economy

The ‘Low Touch’ economy is the new state of our society, permanently altered by the Covid-19 pandemic. This new environment is characterized by low-touch interactions, evolving health safety measures, new customer behaviours that is pressuring your commercial activities .

We provide training in virtual selling (see list below of modules) for:

  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Professionals (Account Manager, Sales Representative, Telesales, Key Account managers, Business Development Manager)
low touch selling

List of training modules to create impact

  • Module 1 for business leaders and sales professionals: Explain what is the 'low touch' economy . Understand what are the implications to your business, challenges and opportunities at the level of our strategy, marketing, and sales. How to create relevant mindset in the organization
  • Module 2 for Sales Managers: Understand how my sales cycle is impacted by a 'low touch" environment. Evolve my sales playbook and the way I manage and coach my team  to succeed in a 'low touch' environment
  • Module 3 for Sales Professionals and Sales Managers: How to create engagement with my customers or prospects via virtual selling. How to adapt my sales activities (jhow prepare sales meeting, what I do during a sales meeting or sales discovery,  and what I need to do after a meeting to stay connected) and effectively progress my sales opportunities
  • Module 4 for Sales professionals and Sales Managers: Understand and training to use the relevant digital tools and platforms that I need  to engage with my target audience. Use digital enablers to help me to communicate and to sell  (phone/PC/video, mobile applications  such as Whatsapp, use of social media / LinkedIn / FB , video conferencing software, use of digital content, Showpad sales enablers..)
    Trainings can be in French, English, Dutch.
  • Each module lasts two hours and  there is coaching available during training modules to apply approach